Sunday, March 22, 2009
A blog?
What is going on?? Yeah that's right I actually put up my first blog. How long has it been since I opened this account?? We won't sit here counting mkay?! To be honest I've been worried about what to write. I'm not the most interesting person and it's been tough to figure out how and what to write on here. The thing that adds to the fear is the fact that others will read it! Gotta start somewhere though, right?

Now on to more exciting news, shall we. So Kujo and I went for a walk today. It was a great day, I wish it would stay warm forever more; yes just as the raven said over and over... She's been tempermental recently. Sometimes she's a complete sweety and other times those devil horns come poking through. The old girl's been through a lot, but a dog still needs to remember manners, right? Long story short the day was warm, birds sang a song, the sky was blue, the grass... we'll say mostly green. Good walk except for when she tried to run after the little girl on the tricycle.
On a brighter note, George and I talked about engagements since I went to one yesterday. He reminded me that apparently I was the one who refused an engagement... I said that?? What the hell was I thinking?? Anywho so yeah he said I can look for rings, YAY! Help me out folks, know any good ones worth taking a look at??

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