Thursday, December 10, 2009
34 weeks and counting

Tuesday, November 17, 2009
I can't believe that it is Tuesday already and to add to the horror the month of November is half way over. George is off to work again and I'm stuck at home with chores rhat never seem to end. I thought that living in a small apartment would mean less time worrying about cleaning, but that is far from true. The carpet gets disgusting almost instantly after I finish vacuuming. I think it is the muddy surrounding that is to blame for this neverending need to clean. 

So what else is new? Well I had to reschedule my OB appointments which sucks because I'm on my two week schedule now and having to drive back and forth isn't fun anymore. My back is killing me and I'm forced to move sloth-like so I don't injure myself. The belly is big now and I'm waddling more lol. I still have to get my hospital stuff together just in case the little guy decides to pop out early. Other utems on the to do list include registering for birthing classes and getting paperwork and registration done for the hospital. Off to get some work done.
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Hello Family!
 A lot has happened since my last post. I'm now 30 weeks into my pregnancy and I can feel my body finally straining to keep up with the changes. The tummy pokes out and he kicks, rolls and tumbles all over the place in there. I'm still searching for that perfect name and have yet to get my hospital bag together. My next doctors appointment is Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I wonder how much bigger my tummy will be by then. Spending a few days at work wasn't as stressful this time around and I am glad to see mom and dad slowly accepting the situation.

I'm now back in Raleigh and enjoyed a warm and finally dry day after that crazy storm we had. Mom and dad came to visit for the first time on Satueday and actually stayed the night. I think they like the apartment. They were nice enough to buy us a mattress and dining set. The apartment is slowly starting to look like a home. 

Thank you everyone!
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Boy oh boy!

Went to the doctor on last Tuesday, October 6, 2009. Finally was able to get an ultrasound done. These aren't the greatest copies of the images, but hopefully you can see the little guy. He's 25 weeks old in these images, nearing the end of his 26th week while I type this. How exciting is this?! Life is the most amazing, magical event one can imagine. He's healthy and kicks up a storm 24/7. He currently weighs 1.1 pounds and looks to be developing normally according to the ultrasound lady that was kind enough to squeeze us in that day, though it was on a last minutes notice.
George and I have a lot of things to figure out at the moment. One would be the name, lol. Any ideas?? We also have to figure out whether we'll stay here in Raleigh or move to Norfolk to be around family where I'll have more help with this handful bundle of joy. Decisions, decisions! Geez, life really crept up on me this year, how odd is it to realize that you're about to be a MOMMY!
Due date is expected to be plus/minus 10 days, sometime around January 19, 2010.
Monday, September 28, 2009
Off to Raleigh
Last few weeks have been a lot like a never-ending rollercoaster ride. I'm finally in Raleigh! Sunday was spent being lazy and driving up here in a packed up Mini that was still able to give incredible gas milage. The most exciting part of the day in my opinion was definitely setting up the glider. Did I mention how much I love it??? I LOVE IT! I think George loves it just as much and we both fight silently over who gets to it first, but who can blame the boy, it is absolutely dreamy to sit in.

We've got a ton of stuff to get done these next few days. Doctor's appointment tomorrow, I think some of you are pretty excited about that if I'm not mistaken. I'll update you guys as soon as I find out more about it tomorrow. Today, Monday, will be filled with shopping trips to make myself feel a bit more at home and apartment searching so that we can bring Kujo up here as soon as possible. I miss that little mongrel, no barking, no running around, no nudging with a cold wet nose at 7AM in the moring asking to be taken for a walk. Geez, she's really grown on me!

To cut things short, I've got my camera with me and hopefully I'll get a chance to snap some pictures of places that we like. Keep you guys updated as much as I can.