Wednesday, April 22, 2009
At the doctors office.

Kujo-Inu had a doctors appointment today. She had to get her shots updated for the year and as usual she was freaking out. She really hates going to the vet. All I've gotta say is thank goodness she only has to go through that once a year! I asked her how her visit was and she made this face at me----------->

I couldn't quite figure out what she was trying to say, but it was obvious that I wasn't on her 'good' list at the moment. So I left her alone for a bit and then started following her like the paparazzi, again. It's tough being such a cute dog, I mean look at her. Who wouldn't want to take a picture of that ball of fluff???

She's turning 10 this year, in August. The doctor said she's in good shape but her retinal membrane is thickening; aka the poor girl is losing her vision and needs doggy glasses. Could you imagine Kujo strutting around with a pair of glasses?? PWNAGE!

So I asked her again, "How was the doctors visit?" This is the face she made again... what does that mean??

I'm totally stumped; I think it has a negative meaning, for sure!

I still love you though, Kujo-Inu !!!