Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Been MIA for a while now. Life really picked up, I haven't had time to do much of anything. So the manager got fired at the hotel and I am busy busy helping out the fam with all the odds and ends. With the construction and what not I had to end up filling in for one of the employees and one of the others quit on us so that opened up more shifts to fill. We got the situation pretty much under control now though, so that problem is pretty much solved.

I started volunteering today. First day was filled with suprises. I was set up with a girl in outpatient pharmacy, but she wasn't in today. She was supposed to talk to this other woman named Amanda and I was to work in the pharmacy today but when Nancy and I got there another volunteer was already there because she switched her hours... SOOOOOOO I ended up sitting with this elderly lady named Kate and folded over 1000 letters that need to be mailed out for around 3 hours. It was pretty fun except for this wicked ugly papercut I got on my hand. OUCH! Anywho, the day was layed back and relaxing for once. I sat there with Kate and we chatted on and on about animals and our dogs and folded one letter at a time.

Saw a super funny type of movie this weekend. George and I took Raymond and his nephew to the Imax to see 'Monsters vs. Aliens' in 3d. It was great fun. I personally can't see the 3dness of it all but the movie was alright. I'd recommend it. My favorite character was Bob, hands down. How can you not love a dim witted blob of blue ooze?!

Anywho, tomorrow I have work so I'm off. Love you all!!