Wednesday, April 1, 2009
She lives...
I'm not dead, I swear it! Yeah so the weekend came and went. I don't even know what I spent my time doing for it to fly by so quickly?! I'm still in utter shock of how quickly time flies these days; I think Ami coming down for a visit really helped me stay busy and not sit around all day wondering what to do next.

The hotel is in chaos at the moment. I ended up filling two shifts (originially said 'shits' LOL) so far, and a third awaits for me tomorrow. I am not a happy camper! BUT the good news is that George-porgie is coming home!!!! AND I got volunteering at the hospital on Tuesdays... now to figure out about this lame pharmacy school.

Can someone please invent a time machine already?!
I miss you Pootska! I love you little munchkin!
Ami I love your new hair, why do you hate it?! It looks amazing!
Mina I so need to find you a good present, your bday is creeping up quick!
Happy April Fools everyone else.

Everyone but the original planner are going to the cherry blossom festival, it hit me at that very moment that I am one old biatch! Dude, pass me that hair dye please...

Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates to those that care to read my blog. -loves all-. Life just got a bit haywire all of a sudden. I'll try to take pictures and write a pretty blog soon =].