Monday, April 13, 2009
Thank You!

**100 page views**
I want to thank everyone who takes the time and effort out of their busy busy schedules to come and check out my blog! I can't believe I have 100 page views already!!!! I was ecstaticed when Ami pointed it out to me. A special thanks to Ami for being my 100th viewer. Love you all MUAH!

~Recap on the weekend and etc.

On Wednesday through Friday I got stuck working the morning shift at the desk. I gotta admit I kind of like having something constructive to do instead of just sitting about all day. On Friday I was supposed to be done with work at 3pm but ended up staying there til about 6:30. Poor Ami was all alone at home bored like no tomorrow. The hotel is pretty much back on its feet, but the employees love making mistakes... Anywho so yeah Friday wasn't that grand all I did was work my ass off and hung out with Ami a little and headed to bed super early because I was totally pooped!

Saturday was a special special day indeed! Mina's Birthday party was a total blast. I got to meet some of her friends and family and enjoyed a great dinner at PF Changs. It's hard being vegetarian but Ami managed to find some items on the menu that we could eat. I ate water chestnuts and got backflashed from Parasitology class and prayed to God that the cooks there knew what the hell they were doing in the kitchen lol. Thank you Mina for the invite

Sunday was quite interesting as well. We woke up pretty early after getting in around 12 or so last night and had to get ready for the ladies samayo that afternoon. Ami and I had the responsibility of taking pictures and filming as usual. The boys already handled the lighting and sound so we didn't have to worry about that one. The samayo wasn't too horribly put together, though honestly I feel that it could have been carried out a bit more professionally. I guess they will never learn... Anywho apparently we're scary people because nobody came up to us and said hi. I guess I won't be needing a Halloween costume this year, I'll be dressing up as myself. WOOT!
Happy Birthday Mina!! Hope your birthday was worth remembering for years to come! Love you girl =D.