Friday, April 17, 2009
When the Clouds cleared..

... the sun filled up the sky and lit the world with hues of blues and greens. At that very moment I realized that spring has finally arived!

After two days of constant rain the sun finally shun bright and filled up the sky. I couldn't resist grabbing my camera as I headed out to walk Kujo for her morning outing. The sky was filled with every shade of blue imaginable, painted with patches of light fluffy clouds to add a bit of dimention to the never ending universe.
Spring is finally here, and hopefully it's here to stay! I'm seriously tired of putting on jackets and sweaters to walk outside. Kujo on the other hand loves the cold weather. I suppose with all that fluff I wouldn't mind a bit of a breeze or snow either. We went on our regular walk over to the pond and back and then decided to check out the muddy backyard. The trees were filled with buds and greenery and the scene was just breathtaking. I took a few snaps worth sharing, so enjoy.

Thursday was a fun filled day to say the least. The walk was a bit chilly but beautiful non-the-less. Kujo sat around a bit as I snapped pictures here and there. Later on Lindsay came over and we went to Red Robins to eat lunch after I finished off vaccuuming the house.

The ladies samayo was, well, it was quite an experience. Thank goodness Ami came down to help me out. The kids were atrocious. I swear parents these days really don't give a damn about how their kids behave. The boys were held captivated by a lame Nintendo DS that one of them brought with them while the girls sat around the tv watching one of the Barbie movies. Babies ran around trying to pick up this and that and their mothers ran after them making sure they didn't break anything important. I never understood why Indian moms never brought toys for their children to keep them occupied instead they let their babies run about getting into mischief. I can't really so too much about that subject though since I have no children of my own, but God forbid I raise them like these bunch of monkeys!

Friday I finally got to see George. I was happy to see him! We drove around for the most part while poor Ami sat around at home doodling highlights on her photos using Photoshop. The results are amazing, you can't even tell that it isn't her real hair. I finally got around to using one of my gift cards. Thank you Avni, Poots and Akshar for the $50 at AE. I didn't use it on myself, but George managed to find a shirt, some shorts and a hat he liked. I got one more gift card left which I need to spend soon. Maybe this time I'll find something I want to buy, I guess time will tell.

At 8pm we, the parents, sister, boyfriend and I, all met up at 'Spice of India'. The new cook really knows how to bring the flavors of India to life! We ate the food like there was no tomorrow and endulged in yumminess!

Good food was sure to be followed up by a movie. So we headed to watch 'Fast and Furious'. I think overall they did a great job making the sequel. The cars weren't all too flashy as in the first, but they still vroomed across the screen.

It's Saturday already, and bills are calling my name downstairs. I wonder what today has in store for me..